A Day in Code

An illustrated story written in the C programming language

ISBNs: 978-1-73590-791-8 (paperback), 978-1-73590-790-1 (hardcover)

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Learn to code in C
...by reading a picture book!

Learn C programming basics quickly- while enjoying a beautifully illustrated picture book!

For kids and beginners of all ages, learning to code in the C programming language has never been this fun…or fast!

This story of an epic day describes real-life situations with C computer programs presented next to beautiful full-page illustrations. You’ll see how activities like making a pancake breakfast and playing a game of bowling are described with simple C programs.

You will learn important programming concepts and C programming fundamentals from the story’s C programs and code explanations. Variables, functions, for loops, while loops, if/else statements…it’s all covered in this entertaining tale. You can run each program in the book on your computer, play with the code, and gain the knowledge to write your own programs!

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The C programming language runs the world

The C programming language is a widely used language used in many fields including databases, desktop applications, operating systems, computer games/graphics, and embedded systems.  C is known as the "mother of all programming languages" because so many languages borrow from it. 


C is the most popular language in embedded systems! An embedded system is a hardware and software system that performs one or a small number of dedicated tasks within a larger system (not a general-purpose computer such as a desktop or laptop).  A common embedded system is a microcontroller, which is a single integrated circuit (IC) chip that contains all the components of a computer, including a processor, memory, and input/output (I/O) peripherals. C is used to program microcontrollers in devices and appliances all around you, like your phone, washing machine, thermostat, printer, and car- just to name a few! 


Get started learning to code in C with a picture book- not a textbook!


Experience a colorful introduction to the C programming language and gain valuable coding skills.  You can also use this book as a reference to look back on for fun and useful code examples.