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Learn Python

through Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales

Nursery rhymes and fairy tales have been translated into over a hundred languages, but never a computer programming language…until now.

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Blue Skies

A Day in Code: Python

Learn to code in Python through an illustrated story

A Day in Code

An illustrated story written in the C programming language 

Learn to code by reading a picture book! The story is about an epic day- and it's written with C computer programs. 


Be immersed in your headphones and free of distractions...


The world's first device that alerts you to outside sounds while you're immersed in your headphones and tuned out from the world.


SoundBrake listens to your surroundings and instantly streams in outside sounds only when they’re above your background noise level, so you can be aware of sounds like a door knock, phone call, announcement, car honk, or someone trying to get your attention.

Beta products have been delivered to crowdfunding backers. Stay tuned for more information about this future product.


...without being cut off from the world.

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