Learn to code

...by reading a picture book!

A Day in Code tells the story of an epic day in a beautifully illustrated picture book- and it‘s written in the C programming language! From the beach to the bowling alley, you will learn fundamental programming concepts as you read about real life situations described with code in simple C programs.  Each C program is presented next to a full-page illustration that depicts the fun event described in the code. You can even run each program on your computer!

What is the target age for this book? All ages, step right up!  Young children can enjoy this book as a fun picture book with the added benefit of being exposed to logical thinking and code. Older kids and adults can gain a more in-depth understanding of programming concepts and the C language by reading the programs and code explanations (and enjoying the pictures!).  In addition, readers can experiment with running the programs on their computers by changing values in the code and viewing the resulting output on the screen.


C is the most popular language in embedded systems! An embedded system is a hardware and software system that performs one or a small number of dedicated tasks within a larger system (not a general-purpose computer such as a desktop or laptop).  A common embedded system is a microcontroller, which is a single integrated circuit (IC) chip that contains all the components of a computer, including a processor, memory, and input/output (I/O) peripherals. C is used to program microcontrollers in devices and appliances all around you, like your phone, washing machine, printer, and car- just to name a few! 

C is known as the “mother of all programming languages” because so many languages borrow from it.  Learning C will provide you with a solid foundation in computer programming.  In this book, you will learn fundamental programming concepts and the basics of C programming, including variables, for loops, while loops, if/else statements, functions, arrays, and more.

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